Out and about in Warsaw town

This morning I decided I’d stayed at home long enough (bad cough…) and it was time to get out and see the world. 

First, I went to Koszykowa Street, which has slowly but surely turned into one of Warsaw’s fashion districts. I scanned windows of the trendy boutiques and checked out the collection at Orska (there is always something new, even though you looked just a few days ago). I now own bracelet number 15.9 from the new Machiny collection. Thank you Ania, you made my day! I’m pretty sure, I’ll soon get addicted to this piece, just like I did to the other one I have – a pendant from Vintage collection.

Lot no. 15.9, out of 20.9 made

Having accessorized myself, I went round to say hi at the new Red Onion store at Fabryka Czekolady, which is now officially open for business. It is still being filled up with goods and the cafe is yet to be open, but it already looks good and the owners promise it will go in full swing in the next week or so. I always find stuff at Red Onion quite alluring, so I couldn’t resist and bought a little piece for the bathroom.

Red Onion cafe will soon become a popular hangout for urban people

My first purchase at the new Red Onion store

Just so you know, there is a special treat for Twój Styl readers this month – 10% off on all online and in-store merchandise. Don’t miss out! Offer ends on October 15th.

Just quote ‘Twój Styl’ to redeem your 10% discount @ Red Onion

On the way home we stopped at M&S to stock up on essentials. Wish their offer included fresh food and lunch deals (so popular in the UK), but even without it, it is still our number one in terms of supermarket quality food.

Plans for the evening? British X Factor, followed by The Jonathan Ross Show, my favorite entertainment programs.


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