Paris when it drizzles

I have to admit – Paris has always been a little off my radar. I have been a couple of times before but never really fell for the city. So visiting it again seemed like a ‘make it or break it’ trip.

It is a beautiful city. I have finally seen it, even though it drizzled throughout our stay. Thanks to friends and Lonely Planet we have been to some cool places and restaurants, as well as discovered our own, while getting lost in the city.

Here are some snapshots of my favorite moments and places during Le weekend Parisienne:

Iconic and still breathtaking (yes, I did go ahh!).
The Eiffel Tower, view from Trocadero.

Rue Vielle du Temple in Marais disctrict (think Notting Hill meets Soho).
Packed with cafes, restaurants, boutiques and bars. A must-go!

Buzzy busy kitchen at Chez Janou. Just think what’s happening in the restaurant itself.
Book ahead or be prepared to wait in a looooong line. Outside. No kidding.

Great buzz. Great food. Great service. Go.

One of the galleries surrounding Place des Vosges,
presenting a very intriguing piece of art.
Great square for window shopping.

A window display in Rue de Rivoli.
After all, Paris is all about fashion…

Speaking of fashion, Colette is where trends are born and married.
Do visit for a creative fix.

We didn’t make it to the Louvre, so here is my Mona-Lisa-smile:)

Paris even when it drizzles, it still sizzles. Will I be back? It’s all in my smile…

PS. You can read the reviews of the restaurants we ate at on Restaurantica (Polish speakers only, sorry…).