De La Garza – The Best of Press (June)

While you are planning your holiday destinations, grab a copy of Fashion Magazine. Rodrigo De La Garza, the only foreign designer on the Warsaw fashion scene, recommends the best places to visit in his native Mexico City. Best restaurant, best store and – for when you drop after you shop – best place to relax. Enjoy!

Rodrigo’s best Mexican tips in Fashion Magazine

And while browsing through the copy of the Fashion Magazine, don’t miss out on the Zombie Boy fashion shoot, in which he models two of Rodrigo’s outfits. He liked the yellow one so much, he walked off wearing it! PS. Great photography by Mateusz Stankiewicz.

Zombie Boy wearing De La Garza for Fashion Magazine

The rather eccentric model perfectly suits the avant-garde style represented by De La Garza. The press picked up the story, with dedicating quite a few spreads in its recent issue.

 Zombie Boy wearing De La Garza in

Oh, and do check out Backstage with Zombie Boy for De La Garza S/S lookbook 2011 on You Tube.
Photos by Marcin Kempski.

A less eccentric yet still artistic John Porter landed De La Garza on the cover of July issue of Sens magazine.

John Porter in De La Garza blazer on the cover of Sens

‘Grumpy old man’ goes the title of the interview. We are pleased to note that the striped blazer John is wearing makes him look just the opposite…

Yawning in style – John Porter wearing De La Garza

More on De La Garza brand and The Protagonista Showroom in the recent article by laMODE.INFO.


This year Spring comes to the City with a bang!

Few weeks after the show, we’re thrilled with the coverage on De La Garza’s first fashion show.

TVN Dzień Dobry and Co za Tydzień picked up the story, as well as TVP2 Pytanie na śniadanie and Polsat Się Kręci. Oh, and we have two nice videos from Tuba TV, including a teaser and show coverage in Zip.

The show got positive reviews from the columnists of Twój Styl, Gala, Show, Angora and, to name a few.

Twój Styl, May 2011

  Gala no. 17/2011

 Angora no. 17/2011

PS. More press coverage on Rodrigo to follow, so look out for the summer issues!


De La Garza brings Spring to the City.

We absolutely killed it!  The whole team worked hand-in-hand to make it happen. Great show, nice crowd, wonderful atmosphere. Fashion journalists, celebrities and clients in the front row. Could you wish for more? Rodrigo, you’ve made it!

Spring in the waiting.

Lexus workshop …

… turned into a catwalk.

Here comes spring to the city.

With Tomasz Kammel, one of the best dressed men in town.

Rodrigo De La Garza with Natalia Lesz – the highlight of the show.

In the spotlight with De La Garza.

Photos from the show by Michal Ozdoba.


Wiosna w mieście już za 10 dni

Już 14 kwietnia odbędzie się pierwszy fashion show Rodrigo De La Garza. Wiosenny pokaz “Spring in the City” zaczaruje nas feerią barw. Już nie mogę się doczekać!

Tymczasem – w oczekiwaniu na pokaz – warto wirtualnie odwiedzić showroom projektanta w serwisie Polecam też aktualne wydania Glamour, Men’s Health i Viva Style.

Glamour, kwiecień 2011

Men’s Health STYL, wiosna 2011

VIVA Style, nr 6/2011

Waiting for the spring with De La Garza

It is great to work with fashion designers. When you’re longing for the new season, you can pop round to the studio and check out the colors, the fabrics and bask in the creative atmosphere of the upcoming collection.

That’s what I just did, checking in to The Protagonista Showroom, where Rodrigo De La Garza is busy working on his third collection.

 Rodrigo at his showroom

Not to reveal too much, I can only say this year’s spring collection is going to be even more vibrant than the one launched last year. A true celebration of color!

De La Garza S/S 2010

Meanwhile we are working on some press features leading up to spring.