How pink is your heart?

Every year, for more than five years now, I have had the privilige and the honor to be amongst the guests invited to the Estee Lauder Polska breakfast inaugurating the annual Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. Every year Ela Borsuk, responsible for the campaign, can’t stress enough the importance of us working together, collectively, towards the world WITHOUT cancer. The more of us believe it is possible, the more of us don’t ignore disturbing symptoms and take a test, the more of us talk about it, the better chance we stand. Together. Together we are STRONGER.

My heart is pink inside out and it reaches its pinkest shade in October, when I proudly wear my pink ribbon. It is then when I think of all these women – and men – who are, with dignity and courage, fighting their battles against cancer. And I feel part of their story, by simply wearing my little pink token of solidarity and faith. Beacause it matters, beacause I can, because we are stronger together.


With Ela Borsuk from Estee Lauder Polska and this year’s campaign visual



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