Le spring with Le Marc

Dear Marc,
I’ve been meaning to try out your new make up range for a while but somehow couldn’t get around to Sephora to explore. Their 20% discount voucher did the job – the incentive was there, I had no more excuses to wait any longer. I was already feeling l’amour for the range because of its packaging, now I wanted to know if the products were equally good as they looked. I quickly consulted a beauty blogger on her opinion and marched direction Sephora.

I am a lonely hunter – I have a specific taste and have been around myself long enough to know what I want, so I rarely rely on the help of shop assistants. This time, however, I really needed someone to take me through the range, the shades and textures. The range is pretty complex (in a good way) and I felt I needed professional help. The universe was against me though. There were more women in need than shop assistants in waiting. Arrgh, I had to resort to my intuition.

The eye shadows, or as you called them, Style Eye-Con, were pretty easy to choose – I went for no. 116 The Innocent. Partly because I liked the name (although The Rebel resonated with me too), partly because I liked the shimmery golden shadow. I have a confession to make – I am not big on everyday make up. I do think foundation and mascara are one of the greatest inventions of our times and I do like my lipstics (classic red and dusty pink being my favorite shades) but other than that, I am more into skin care than make up. But I was instantly sold to your range over the packaging – you actually got me at eye shadows. I knew I had to had them. And so I did. They are really good, I’ve been using them every day now!

When doing my research, I instantly liked the idea of the gel eye crayon, so I tried a few colors and ended up with my first choice, the nice shade of brown aka Brown(out) – the names are really cool, good thinking! It will enhance your eye color – said an assistant, who suddenly materialized next me. Oh, thank God someone read my mind – I replied, smiling. We had a short but nice conversation, I was reassured in my choices and feeling totally happy with my decisions, proceeded to check out. Not only did I get a nice service in the end (I’m not complaining, the shop was really full of customers), I also got a lipstic sample to try out. I smiled when I read the label – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (no. 216) was a shade I contemplated getting but decided to come back for it later. The universe has spoken – I love this shae! I love wearing it, I will definitely be back for the full size product. On top of that, the name is simply re(marc)able!

Dear Marc, le spring has begun and I’m loving its colors!
With  love, magda

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Marc Jacobs Beauty is available exclusively at Sephora.


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