A morning in Jardin du Luxembourg

How many times do you have a chance to simply go for a walk, in a beautiful place, during your working hours? I don’t often do but I try to find and cherish those rare moments as much as I can. This one happened to me yesterday, as I was coming from the airport and being on the way to my hotel in Paris. I suddenly decided to change the route I had planned and, rather than getting the metro almost all the way to the hotel, I got off the train at a different station and went across a park. Jardin du Luxembourg must look beautiful in the summer, boosting with colors, lush green grass and all kinds of flowers. But then, in the frosty February weather, it does cast a spell on you too. I charged my batteries for the whole day with those magic moments I tried to capture in the photos. Here they are for your perusal. Enjoy!


IMG_9706 IMG_9704 IMG_9703 IMG_9702 IMG_9701 IMG_9718 IMG_9717 IMG_9713 IMG_9719


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