Where Absynt rules

When I bumped into Anna Halarewicz at a fashion show a couple of months ago, I greeted her with saying: – I love your cat! I know – she replied – I can see it on Instagram. Ah, the ever exposing world of social media! Indeed, I am a fervent follower of both Anna’s work (she is a fashion illustrator) and the adventures of her cat. Absynt (the cat) is known to have many admirers. Does she get jealous? I don’t think so. Especially that she enjoys the status of a trendsetter – her cat had been put on the social scene quite some time ago. Compared to him, some other cats may be referred to as mere copy cats. Literally. Albeit the famous Choupette Lagerfeld, with over 30 thousand followers on Instagram, is a clear winner when it comes to numbers. It is not always about the quantity though…

Anna’s atelier is tiny but has a very nice vibe about it. It is filled with acryl paintings, watercolors, and … the cat. Absynt actually acts like he owns the place (don’t tell him it’s not the case). He ignores me at first but, after a while, gracefully grants permission to be touched. I love cats! I have a special understanding with those furry creatures. We communicate on a totally different level. So, while Anna talks to me about her work and the recently published book (it’s beautiful!), Absynt and I have a little purrring session. It is scientifically proven that stroking cats has a relaxing effect on humans. It is a purrfect situation in which both parties are equally happy and satisfied.

IMG_1851 IMG_1854 IMG_1860 IMG_1862 IMG_1865 IMG_1866 Dear Anna, I will be back soon, for conversation on art, and other cat-related issues. Say hi to Absynt.

If you are a fashion and art lover, do visit Anna’s website for beautiful fashion illustration – simply click here.


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