Missing Barcelona

I checked the weather in Barcelona today – 24 degrees and sunny. The sun must have decided to stay in Barcelona, as there was no trace of it in Warsaw. Oh, and there was a 10-degree difference in temperature… Thankfully, it was only two weeks ago, when I was basking under the Mediterranean sun and enjoying the capital of Catalonia. It is a wonderful place to recharge your batteries. That weather, those tapas bars, the wine, the sea. Life filled with simple pleasures is simply beautiful…

IMG_5692 IMG_5693 IMG_5695 IMG_5697 IMG_5706 IMG_5707 IMG_5712 IMG_5715 IMG_5717 IMG_5724 IMG_5725 IMG_5730 IMG_5731 IMG_5740 IMG_5749 IMG_5759 IMG_5765

PS. Agata, thank you for an amazing time. Muchas gracias!