A rare find: Central Park Warsaw

I shouldn’t really be sharing this, in fear of having too many people crashing ‘my’ restaurant. But then, life is about sharing, so here it is, enjoy! Central Park Warsaw is a little gem neatly tucked in between a few other inconspicuous places. You won’t stumble across it. You have to know where it is. We read about it somewhere and instantly decided to check it out. It just seemed like our kind of place. It is. It’s small, cosy, friendly, has a short menu, nice decor and … is round the corner from where we live. There is no box it doesn’t tick. Simples.


The food (daily updates on facebook) is invented by the lovely owner Anna – it is fresh, simple, healthy, no fuss. The prices won’t break the bank. The service is very helpful, chatty but does not cross the line. If you happen to be served by Ola, she’ll make your day. The only complaint you might sometimes have is about the heat coming from the tiny kitchen. Unfortunately this has something to do with the admin of the building. Maybe the owners will be able to fix it over time. I take it as part of the package but if you are a fussy person with a tendency to complain, you might want to steer clear of this, otherwise wonderful, place. May I just say, you won’t be missed;)

Address: Belwederska 13, Warsaw. Mokotów. Opposite a park. Naturally.