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The Spirit of Travel by Louis Vuitton

The new Louis Vuitton campaign, The Spirit of Travel, is being unveiled across various media as you are reading this post. I had the chance to see the film (watch the trailer here), which will soon be unveiled – back in January, at a meeting in Paris. The very memory of it is giving me goose bumps… It is mesmerizing. It is unbelievably beautiful. It sets you on a journey straight away. First in your head, then you start looking for a destination, but above all – you just want to set foot on the unknown, where you haven’t yet been… I happened to have been to South Africa, where the campaign was shot, and although the beautiful shots were taken around Cape Town, whereas I visited the northern parts near Johannesburg, the country – wherever you go – is truly a unique and amazing location to tell a story about travelling. You can read about my love for Africa in the post from last year.

DEI 440x285 TM-BW2 INTL_a

Back to the campaign though. The allure of the unknown and the thrill of exploration – are captured in a series of stunning images, shot by Peter Lindbergh, styled by Carine Roitfeld, and starring models Karen Elson and Edie Campbell. The photographer gives us an insight into the captivating spirit of the campaign – We travelled to South Africa with almost complete creative license and a wonderful cast. Karen Elson and Edie Campbell are two young women travelling in a very personal, but not necessarily narrative way. Working without any layouts or prefixed ideas allowed us to create spontaneous and real situations. The result is charming and natural.

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Apart from the models, and the iconic Louis Vuitton bags, you will also see beautiful animals in the pictures – wild giraffes, as well as cheetahs and a pair of lion cubs – these majestic cats were obviously taken care of by professionals. So fear not, nobody from the crew got eaten for breakfast, although Edie Campbell revealed in an exclusive for British Grazia that – The cheetahs were a bit scary. Even though they had been photographed and filmed a lot, they were still quite wild – they behaved as long as you had a chunk of steak for them. – read more here.

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The journey is the destination… Getting there is not as important as the experience of going… – the new Louis Vuitton advertising campaign conjures the original spirit of travel. I’m definitely sold and … searching my diary for a good time to go on a journey. To travel is to live…

All photography by Peter Lindbergh, copyright Louis Vuitton.


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