Oh la class comes to Warsaw! The opening of Louis Vuitton.

Weeks of preparation, the best international team from Poland, France and Russia (I’ve met so many wonderful people!), dozens of things to be proof-read, checked, approved and verified against strict Louis Vuitton standards… Searching for the calligraphers, translators, guides, hostesses… Securing interviews, confirming presence of the guests. Tons of emails, numerous phone calls, countless meetings… Quality at Louis Vuitton is something you learn as you go along. The brand has very clear expectations, which are being further fine-tuned in the process. It was fascinating to watch so many elements coming together to secure tre chic opening in Warsaw. When the biggest luxury brand launches in a country, there is no compromise, everything needs to be top notch. And, may I just say, it was.

 The fashion crowd – moi with fashion director at Pani magazine Michał Kuś, 
editor in chief at Viva Moda Agnieszka Ścibior and Lucyna Szymańska  from D’Vision agency
representing Zuzanna Bijoch
fot. Epoka
I’m wearing Louis Vuitton dress and heels, and Swarovski earrings
PS. Uma Thurman wore the same dress to Munich Maison opening!

We had the most wonderful celebrities wearing Louis Vuitton at the opening party – actress Danuta Stenka, former First Lady Jolanta Kwaśniewska, actress Kasia Zielińska, top models Magdalena Frąckowiak and Zuzanna Bijoch, TV presenter Agnieszka Cegielska. You couldn’t have wished for a better result. They looked stunning, each of them adding their own personality to the clothes they wore. I am, of course, personally proud of Agnieszka – she accessorized her Bohoboco outfit with two Louis Vuitton golden cuffs and a minaudiere. Danuta Stenka, in the damier dress and clutch from the SS 2013 collection, simply turned heads! 

Danuta Stenka – check!
photo by Stephane Muratet for Louis Vuitton

Agnieszka Cegielska
photo by Stephane Muratet for Louis Vuitton 

We managed to create the most unusual mix of guests – fashion and business poeple, journalists, celebrities, aristocracy, clients (some of them traveled from other countries). We also invited two fashion bloggers – a 17-year old adorable young lady Weronika aka Raspberry and Red, who came from Cracow especially for the opening. You can read her endearing account of the night here. We also invited Karolina aka Charlize Mystery – a long-time Louis Vuitton fan and such a nice humble person. I know it was very special to her to have been invited. Check out her blog to read her story. The music came from the wonderful British-French DJ duo – DJ Trent and DJ Indeepop. Seeing the guests moving to the groovy beats I knew we had selected just the perfect music for the party. The icing on the cake was magician Stefan Leyshon who performed the most incredible tricks. It’s hard to describe what he did, you had to be there to see it! Do have a look at the video showcasing his luxury magic tour for Louis Vuitton.

Karolina aka Charlize Mystery
fot. Jarosław Antoniak/MW Media

I am thrilled to have worked on this project with the one and only Bogna Sworowska from BiS agency. I admire her as a woman and I respect her as a fellow PR. We have made a dream team! I know what I’m talking about – dreams do come true. The rest, as they say, is history. Louis Vuitton c’est arrive a Varsovie. Voila! 

Moi avec la magnifique Bogna Sworowska
PS. My special thanks go to Alain, Cecile, Gwen, Anna, Aldona, Sam, Mary, Monika, Ewelina, Kamila and Ula. Thank you for your support! You know who you are:) I am proud to have been part of the team working on this project.

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