The fifth dimension

I believe in the fourth dimension, and in a fifth […]. This stems from the need to be reassured, to believe that one never loses everything and that there is something happening on the other side.
Gabriele Chanel in Marcel Haedrich, Coco Chanel, Paris, P. Belfond, 1987, p. 118

No. 5 Culture Chanel at Palais De Tokyo in Paris showcases various aspects of Coco Chanel’s most famous creation. The concept of the exhibition is very simple – everything is displayed in 110 cases containing photos, letters, works of art, books, early bottles of No. 5, few memorabilia, sketches, ads and documents, telling a story of the revolutionary scent created in 1921.

Visually, the exhibition is very modest but presents a complex insight into, undoubtedly, the world’s famous perfume – in more than just five dimensions. One hour is not enough to explore every single item in the show, so book a decent time slot in your diary. Oh, and do hurry, as it closes on June 5th!

No. 5 Culture Chanel at Palais De Tokyo in Paris, until June 5th, 2013.
Opening hours from 12.00 to 24.00 every day except Tuesday. Free admission.

A giant Chanel no. 5 bottle is part of the exhibition. 
I couldn’t help but wonder – is it filled with real perfume?

For more pictures from the weekend I spent in Paris, go here.

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