Thoughts on Art & Fashion Festival

Art & Fashion Festival has reached volume 6, under the title A Fine Romance. I have been a huge fan of the festival and its Open University – a two-day ‘weekend school’ with visiting speakers from Poland and abroad, discussing various aspects of art and fashion. This year I had my eye on three presentations.

Hatalska spoke on Fashion and New Technologies, focusing on wearable computers. If you think it is a distant future scenario, think again. In 2013 global sales of wearable computers is predicted to reach 6 billion dollars! Technology and fashion seem to have skipped the romance stage and indulged in a very heated affair. Examples of that you will find in hatalska’s presentation, already available on her website.

I was really looking forward to Lida Hujic’ The First to Know but, sadly, I was disappointed. What meant to be An insight into Trend-setters, turned out to be a random collection of thoughts and images, with no underlying theme, practical insight, or conclusions. Lida’s presentation was all over the place and she herself seemed to have been caught in time. And that time was definitely not the present. I felt for the translator, Mr Skowroński (who used to be my professor) – he must have been struggling, trying to put the message across in a digestible way. And you must know that this is the man who interpreted during the official visits of the American presidents, Dalai Lama and Queen Elisabeth II. It could have been an inspiring talk but it so wasn’t…

The Man Who Saved the Day was Scott Schuman. Basia Metelska, the festival’s curator, tried three years to bring him over. She got third time lucky, and Scott finally agreed to set his foot in the streets of Poznań. Click here to read about the tips Mr Sartorialist was happy to share with us. I was happy to be there. I was happy to get inspired.

The festival is a great initiative. I know it requires a whole year of preparation and logistics, so the organizers have probably already started working on the seventh edition. Since 7 is a lucky number, we might get lucky to have even more exciting speakers next year. Place your bets now!


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