La Mania’s angel wings

Last night La Mania unveiled its fifth collection during an amazing spectacle. I’ve been to all their shows so far, including the one in London earlier this year, which was more like an art exhibition. Putting together an outfit for La Mania’s evening is always a challenge and a pleasure:) After a little deliberation, I went for a black dress and accessorized my look with a lovely headpiece by Anna Pieta and my favorite L.K. Bennett’s heels.

The show was spectacular-spectacular! (to use the famous quote from Moulin Rouge movie). It started off quite daring and scaring – well, at least for me – with a ballerina suspended on a long line, from a very high ceiling, in a breathtaking interior of Ufficio Primo. It did take my breath away. Literally. I paused and prayed for her not to fall down. She didn’t. Instead, after performing air ballet, she ascended to the top and disappeared through the hole in the roof. I was relieved…

After a truly Hitchcockian start, the fashion show began. The first part showed more innovative numbers, the second remained true to La Mania roots. There were a lot of signature cream creations, paired off with quite a few black ones. Even Joanna Przetakiewicz, creative director of the brand, who usually goes for a white gown, wore a simple black dress, with angle wings embroidered on the back. White tuxedos (very YSL!) and deep-red dresses added a nice sexy touch to the collection.

The show climaxed with a golden rain of confetti in the shape of angel wings. I couldn’t help but whisper – heavenly! Can’t wait until the next show. Until then, I’m going to hold on to my golden wing I kept. For luck.


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