Having a Hoot in Brick Lane

I haven’t been to Brick Lane for a while. I am thrilled to find it packed with pop-up fashion boutiques, vintage clothing markets and artists’ stalls. Having resisted the sales in the West End (OK, not quite – I did buy a pair of lovely wedges at Banana Republic), I succumb to the joy of browsing (which, incidentally, turns into buying) in the East End of London. Here is my shopping trip in pictures.

Backyard Market showcases work of various designers, including fashion and graphics.
We acquire a few amazing photography pieces.
As I’m leaving the market, an intriguing drawing of an owl catches my eye.
I decide to talk to the author, who turns out to be a charming print designer,
making patterns on t-shirts and dresses.
I try on a few pieces, and after a little deliberation, decide on a peacock over the owl.
And here I am, oh-so-proudly flashing this grey number.
Next time I’m in London, I will definitely go back to Brick Lane to hunt for more fashion treasures. I’m always happy to support artistic talent. Besides, you never know, over time a market stall may turn into a big label and I may turn into the owner of a vintage piece from the first collection…

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