A concert like no other

We were strolling down Marszałkowska after a lovely dinner at Delies when we heard wonderful music coming from a little store we never noticed before. The door was open and the music was inviting. The space was tiny and already crowded with … 5 people! In we sneaked, mesmerized by the music. It turned out to be a very impromptu concert by a Polish pianist and a Gambian kora player.  This is what we saw (see pictures below). The rest is memories we will replay in our heads for a long time…

For more information on the pianist go to Marcin Masecki’s website. For more information on the Kora player we will have to wait – Buba has just moved to Warsaw. For impromptu music events and a wide selection of CDs and vinyl records visit Rubicon music store at Marszałkowska 8.
To listen to the recorded jam set, click here.


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