77 Creative: ‘the art behind the ad’

It’s great to be involved in a creative adventure from start to finish. From the day the idea is born to the day it materializes. It was wonderful to be part of this project and watch it grow from the drawing board to the MTV Live HD teaser promo.

Pixel Gods disturbing the surface and creating sound

An amazing journey, traveled along the best team in the world! A very unique British-Polish production, where the UK talent was represented by Trent Payne, the creative director of 77 Creative and the brain behind it all, friends from Silver Cloud Films who directed the piece, and a friend and respected London-based music producer Richard ‘Sticky’ Forbes who composed the music for the advert. The Polish side came no less talented, contributing choreography by Jan Kiepas, costumes by Patrycja Fitzet and production from a new production house Vitelloni.

Here are some of the making-of pictures I took during the shoot. For making-of movie click here. Enjoy!

Spreading his creative wings and celebrating the end of the shoot
Mr Trent Payne of 77 Creative 
(the adrenaline kicked in for the day but wore off the day after. the crutches saved him.)

PS. We’ve just sent the news to the press, so coverage is in the making but it was great to get instant feedback from Computer Arts, who titled its piece ‘the art behind the ad’. Could we be more thrilled??


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