Laloushka Magdushka

I have a mini me. My own doll which looks like a mini version of myself. Her name is Laloushka Magdushka:)

Laloushka Magdushka

Magdushka is a cool city girl. She has a high profile city job – she’s my bag manager. By the way, she manages my oh-so-new Deni Cler bag from the fall collection.

My cute Laloushka was made for me by Marta, by hand and with passion. We went through my photos and selected an outfit which represented my style. It was a fun exercise and I’m loving the result!

Marta at the Laloushka studio

You can have your doll personalized or you can choose from the available collections – wedding, fashion designers, or star signs. They are available online and delivered worldwide or you can buy them at selected concept stores in Warsaw – try Horn & More or Red Onion.

Mademoiselle Coco from the World Fashion Designers collection

I went out for a coffee with my friend Justyna this afternoon. The moment she saw my doll, she announced: I’m buying three! Well, I don’t blame her, Laloushkas are easy to fall in love with.

PS. I’m collecting two Laloushkas tomorrow to take them across the channel. But this, My-Dear-Blog-Reader, will be a matter for another post. Till then.


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