Whaletone storming through the press!

The press absolutely loves Whaletone by Robert Majkut!

One of the first reviews came from yatzer, who’s been following Robert’s designs for a few years now, always praising him for his talent. ‘The Whaletone is actually pretty damn cool, looking’ – that’s the opinion of C’est magnifique! – don’t we like the sound of that? We do, and so did journaldudesign. We also loved the review of, which referred to Whaletone as ‘A piano like no other’. But a true gem review came from Kat Hannaford from, who wrote ‘Whaletone piano is making me salivate with desire’. Yummy!

Robert with a copy of the Italian daily Il Giorno, with the page featuring Whaletone.

Whaletone proudly presents itself at the nhow hotel in Milan.

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